LookBookHQ's Content Engagement Report: Q4 2016

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Key Takeaways
  • ‚ÄčThe content mix of a modern B2B marketing organization
  • The types of content prospects engage with the most
  • Time spent on different content types 
  • Leading channel and devices for content consumption

‚ÄčAll marketers are a little voyeuristic - we want to know what our peers are doing, and how it's working. At LookBookHQ, we obsess over content engagement data and have aggregated mountains of it to answer your most pressing questions about what works for keeping your buyers engaged. If you need to educate and convert prospects with content, dig into our Content Engagement Report.

The Content Engagement Report provides B2B marketers with a set of concrete benchmarks to evaluate the success of their content marketing programs that go beyond the surface metrics of clicks and form fills.


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