25 Content Marketing Questions Answered

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Key Takeaways
  • ​Content marketing professionals are in high demand and a growing opportunity for marketers
  • There is a difference between content marketing and product marketing.  There is a way to create a content marketing strategy and best practices to get exposure for your content.
  • Content marketer is experiencing many changes, and there are many questions around the subject

​When over 2,500 people come to a webinar, you don't get to all the questions! That's why our experts are answering 25 of the best in this ebook. Jason Miller leads global content and social media marketing for LinkedIn Marketing Solutions, is the author of the best-selling Welcome to the Funnel, and is one of the most requested B2B marketing speakers on the circuit. Pawan Deshpande is the founder of Curata and blogs on Content Marketing Institute, CMO.com, Forbes, and other top publications.

Download this ebook for a chance to pick two of the greatest content marketing brains out there and hear their take on the state of content strategy, SEO, metrics, technology, and content careers.



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