2018 State of B2B Marketing Technology

Netline Corporation
Netline Corporation
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Key Takeaways
​- Reasons why the martech landscape is both consolidating and expanding

- The importance of hiring marketing operations personnel and technologists to make martech decisions

- How to assess your martech stack
The marketing technology landscape is ever evolving — Scott Brinker's 2018 Marketing Technology Landscape "Supergraphic" revealed there are 6,829 marketing technologies on the market, 27% growth compared to last year. This constant growth and complexity has left marketers to keep up and manage new software additions, integrations and acquisitions. 

Experts agree that both consolidation and expansion of marketing software will continue. To navigate this tug of war, some marketers are focusing strictly on utilizing a handful of solutions and making the most out of existing tech investments. 


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Netline Corporation
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