17 Ways to Get Marketing Projects Done

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Key Takeaways
  • ​Marketing projects struggle to deliver, but it is not just from the answers we are used to hearing.

  • Not finishing marketing projects can be a sign of larger issues.

  • Use these helpful tips to begin your journey towards creating a successful marketing plans.

​What keeps marketing teams from succeeding? Find out the 17 best ways to get marketing projects done. When you ask people these questions, they usually answer with a variation on “not enough time/budge/resources/people/IT support.” These are all legitimate and typical challenges that marketers face but are symptoms of larger issues, such as a lack of strategic alignment with corporate priorities and managementsupport and buy-in.

No formula can solve all the problems your team faces. However, this tip sheet will help you map out plan to get started and move through the process to achieve your goals. Regardless of your challenges, taking the first step is the most important thing to do. Every day that passes without action is another day you leave money on the table and make it harder for your marketing program to catch up later.


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