Special Report: Social Media Success Metrics

Social Media Success Metrics Special Report

Special Report

Are you proving the impact of your social media efforts?

Today, more marketers are spending increasingly larger portions of their budgets on social media marketing - but few can show the impact on business outcomes.​

Justify your organization's social media efforts and investments.  
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This report demystifies the process of measuring social media marketing efforts and connecting social successes back to real business outcomes. Marketers will learn to align social media success metrics with business objectives, distill the social data into insights, and communicate relevant results to colleagues outside of the marketing department and in the C-suite. 

What's Inside This Social Media Report:
- Defining Social Media Metrics
- Matching Metrics to Objectives
- Deriving Insights
- Calculating ROI
- Communicating Results
- Limitations

You'll also learn answers to these social media questions:
- What questions will help the marketing team select the right social  media success metrics?
- How can the marketing team demonstrate to the C-suite that their social media efforts are performing?
- What do non-marketing employees need to know about how the brand’s social media efforts are performing?
- How frequent and how detailed should social media reporting be for all concerned parties?
- What are the "Next Practices" and opportunities to watch?

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"Social media measurement will just become media measurement, and media measurement will become business measurement.  Social media is so pervasive that I think this is the future." 

 - Yaakov Kimelfeld, Merkle Inc. 


 Brand Examples in this Report


This Special Report includes brand examples from Intel, Eventbrite, Oscar Mayer and California Tortilla.  Strong evidence suggests that brands that craft and measure their social media strategies will be rewarded by customers' loyalty, advocacy and dollars.


 Special Report Insights


Only 15% of respondents report being able to show the impact of social media on the business. 

 - CMO Survery​