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A Japanese interbusiness alliance or enterprise group.
The degree of tightness in the space between type characters such as the individual letters in headlines, subheads, and body copy. Art directors frequently adjust the degree of closeness between type characters to give the appearance of more natural (and more readable) character and word spacing.
key account
A large account, usually generating more than a prespecified annual sales level, that receives special treatment from salespeople.
key items
The items that are in the greatest consumer demand. They are also referred to as best sellers.
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  • key success factors
    Those factors that are a necessary condition for success in a given market. That is, a company that does poorly on one of the factors critical to success in its market is certain to fail.
    keystone markup
    A markup in which the cost price is doubled or a markup of 50 percent of retail is obtained. For example, if an item is retailed at $20 and cost the retailer $10, then the keystone markup has been applied.
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  • keyword
    A word used in a performing a search.
    keyword density
    Keywords as a percentage of text words that can be indexed.
    keyword marketing
    Placing a marketing message in front of users based on they keywords they are using to search
    Keyword Phrase
    Two or more keywords relating to a specific topic. For example, "Mind numbingly boring glossary" would be a keyword phrase to describe this document. Source: SEMPO
    keyword research
    The search for keywords related to a Web site. Analysis of keywords helps determine which ones would yield the best return on a search engine optimization (SEO) program.
    Keyword Stemming
    To return to the root or stem of a word and build additional words by adding a prefix or suffix, or using pluralization. The word can expand in either direction and even add words, increasing the number of variable options. Source: SEMPO
    Keyword Stuffing
    Generally refers to the act of adding an inordinate number of keyword terms into the HTML or tags of a web page. Source: SEMPO
    Keyword Targeting
    Displaying Pay Per Click search ads on publisher sites across the Web that contain the keywords in a context advertiser's Ad Group. Source: SEMPO
    Keyword/Keyword Phrase
    A specific word or combination of words that a searcher might type into a search field. Includes generic, category keywords; industry-specific terms; product brands; common misspellings and expanded variations (called Keyword Stemming), or multiple words (called Long Tail for their lower CTRs but sometimes better conversion rates). All might be entered as a search query. For example, someone looking to buy coffee mugs might use the keyword phrase "ceramic coffee mugs." Also, keywords - which trigger ad network and contextual network ad serves - are the auction components on which PPC advertisers bid for all Ad Groups/Orders and campaigns. Source: SEMPO
    keywords tag
    A meta-tag used to define the keywords of a Web page for search engines.
    A payment made by a salesperson to a buyer based on the size or number of orders placed by the buyer for the salesperson's products or services.
    Consumers' meanings or beliefs about products, brands, stores, etc., that are stored in memory.
    knowledge function of attitudes
    A function of attitudes that serves the individual in understanding the environment. The knowledge function aids the individual in organizing information into an understandable or cohesive whole. It is one of the functions of attitudes proposed by the functional theory of attitudes.
    KPI, Key Performance Indicators
    KPI are metrics used to quantify objectives that reflect the strategic performance of your online marketing campaigns. They provide business and marketing intelligence to assess a measurable objective and the direction in which that objective is headed. Source: SEMPO
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