Lead Generation and Automation Essentials

The Lead Generation & Automation Essentials provides you with a variety of tools and templates to help you get started on automating marketing and sales functions and generate quality, targeted leads for your sales team. These essentials include everything from a Lead Scoring Template to a Message Mapping Tool to a Lead Generation Metrics Dashboard. Click on any of the tools below to learn more and to access the tool.

Interactive Tools
Lead Generation Objectives Scorecard
Lead Generation Prioritization Tool
Lead Generation Metrics Dashboard
Lead Generation Maturity Assessment
Message Mapping Tool
Qualified Lead Definition Tool
Marketing Automation Vendor Evaluation
Marketing Automation ROI Calculator

Lead Scoring Template
Lead Acquisition Model
Communications Touchpoint Design
Marketing Automation Business Case
Marketing Automation Vendor Matrix
Marketing Automation Consulting RFP
Marketing Automation System RFP​​​​​​​

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