Most Customers Are Dissatisfied With Aftermarket Experience, and It's Taking a Toll on Brands

Zach Brooke
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What? Aftermarket experience has a big effect on the overall brand, according to a new report by the CMO council. 

So what? Aftermarket impression is so strong it can negatively impact companies that emphasize the durabilty of their products.

Now what? Brands should consider ways to expand their revenue streams in the aftermarket by providing customers with service, parts and supplies that improve their experience with products.​

Oct. 23, 2017

New research from the CMO Council highlights the surprising effect aftermarket experience has on overall brand perception


Dave Murray, program director and executive vice president with the CMO Council helps shed light on the results, and offers suggestions for brands moving forward.

Q: What aspects of post-purchase experience are the most important for brands to get right? Which are least important?

A: In a recent CMO Council Consumer poll on this topic, consumers pointed to the most important aspects as: 

  • Having a product that is well-designed, easy-to-use and reliable.

  • Simple installation and set-up (whether done themselves or by service team)

  • Delivery scheduled and tracked effectively

  • Quick and painless problem resolution

  • Manuals and documentation are self-explanatory and well-aggregated.

They care less about online user-generated help communities, multiple service-line offerings (e.g., extended network of service providers) and price of service. Interestingly, consumers do not seem to mind paying a premium for superior service.

Q: Why is it important for brands to care about user experience in the aftermarket?

A: The two main reasons brands should care about user’s experiences in the aftermarket come down to

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