Clinton Winning Big Versus Trump in Paid Marketing, Advertising

Hal Conick
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​What? With four months until election time, Hillary Clinton is leading Donald Trump in paid media.

So what? Clinton's ads are more visible in TV, digital, Facebook and e-mail. Can marketing and advertising help win an election?

Now what? Both candidates are still fighting to for better favorability ratings before November. 
​June 27, 2016

Clinton is outpacing Trump in terms of marketing and ad spend. Will it matter in November?


Although the U.S. presidential election is more than four months away, a survey finds Hillary Clinton is dominating paid media.

Approximately 1,660 registered U.S. voters were asked by Fluent, an advertising technology company, what types of marketing they had seen from both candidates in a week-long span. Clinton’s numbers were higher than Trump’s every metric measured by Fluent.

A sample of the statistics from the survey show:

  • ​56% saw Clinton TV ads; 45% saw Trump TV ads
  • 42% saw Clinton digital ads; 35% saw Trump digital ads
  • 41% saw Clinton Facebook Ads; 33% saw Trump Facebook ads
  • 23% saw Clinton e-mail ads; 17% saw Trump e-mail ads

EMarketer notes that these numbers are not surprising, as Clinton’s campaign funds sit at $42 million compared to Trump’s $1.3 million. Earlier this month, CNN reported that Clinton is spending $116 million more on advertisements than Trump

Both candidates have a long way to go before winning over U.S. voters. A Gallop poll from the week of June 20, 2016, found Clinton’s favorability rating to be 39%, while Trump’s favorability rating was 33%. When it came to unfavorability, Clinton’s rating was 55% and Trump’s was 61%. 

Marketing and advertising spend could help a candidate get in front of more eyes, but as Marketing News reported earlier this year, it may not matter. Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush had his presidential bid ended​ even after spending more than $100 million on his presidential campaign.

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Hal Conick
Hal Conick is a staff writer for the AMA’s magazines and e-newsletters. He can be reached at or on Twitter at @HalConick.
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