Tilofy Helps Marketers Spot Trends Before They Arise

Sarah Steimer
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What? Tilofy tracks interest levels of various subjects to project what may break into the mainstream and when.

So what? Providing insight into trending interests can take the guesswork out of the next big products, services and campaigns.

Now what? Marketers can use Tilofy to blend data with creativity for ideas with the best chance at resonance.

​Aug. 2, 2016

If a marketer could choose one superpower, it might be the ability to see into the future

A new company called Tilofy may grant such a wish with its platform that it claims to be the first automated trend forecaster.

“Nobody would say, ‘No’ to a crystal ball that helps them identify the next big thing,” says Tilofy CEO and co-founder Ali Khoshgozaran. When it comes to businesses, marketers, brands and agencies, he says, having this creative insight into the future is, in theory, what their survival hinges on.

Los Angeles-based Tilofy is powered by a proprietary software that identifies and validates trends, backed by data and presented with context as to the trend’s origins, influencers and geographic locations. The technology scours the web, social media, RSS feeds and more to identify and follow trends before they become mainstream. Khoshgozaran, who co-founded the company with Alex Mojtahedi, says the product is also unbiased because it relies on a data-driven approach, versus human foresight and intuition.

“We have taken a fundamentally different and unique approach by automatically identifying trends and developments, way in their infancy and long before they become mainstream,” Khoshgozaran says.

Companies must request access to the platform by way of a 12-month subscription, and those requesting a demo go through a vetting process by the company. About 170 companies across the globe are in the pipeline of the on-boarding process at this time. Tilofy is expected to be released to the public by the end of the year, at which point it will be self-service after some initial training. The company’s current emphasis is on creative agencies, video networks and marketing and brand agencies.

How It Works

The platform monitors more than 40 million subjects in real time to spot changes in interest among topics, brands, people and more. Tilofy then makes projections about the pace of the interest over time and estimates when it may break into the mainstream.

Tilofy has numerous examples of how it recognized a trend early on. For instance, the tool forecasted the popularity of the rainbow bagel, traveling solo, female cigar-smokers and Pokémon Go.

“Two, three days ago we realized CNBC just announced that home sale figures are actually at a nine-year high, and 28 days before then we had forecasted the very same thing,” Khoshgozaran says. “Imagine the power and the opportunity of knowing this 28 days before everyone else.”

There are 22 markets and verticals where Tilofy tracks trends, including fashion, health, food and beverage, business and finance and art and entertainment. Upon logging onto the platform, users view some featured trends that Tilofy finds to be relevant to anyone. They can also choose to explore trends specific to their business. Users can select a trend and learn about the details and context. For example, they may learn that a particular trend is forecasted to reach the mainstream in two weeks and has a mostly millennial, male interest base. The trend may be most popular in the Eastern U.S., and they can view a velocity graph that shows how interest has changed on the topic.

In addition, Tilofy points a user to trend-setters, the influencing persons or businesses related to the topic, along with other keywords related to the trend. The information includes social media links as well as news links.


Discovering new trends is only half of what the product does. Tilofy also provides cyclical trends using historical data to predict what the company believes will recur in the future.

“We are the only solution on the market that can help a marketer identify the honeymoon season, when people consume beef more often, which days of the year people are more depressed, or go shopping more often, or go to more music shows, or when 'National Pizza Day' is happening or anything in between, and new recurring trends are constantly being identified over time,” Khoshgozaran says.

How Marketers Can Benefit

Khoshgozaran adds that Tilofy can replace the old marketing calendar as it provides thousands of living behavioral traits occurring every year in various parts of the country, so brand or marketing firms can deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time.

For content creators, he says, Tilofy provides ahead-of-the-curve ideas that can generate more social media views and engagement. He says this data-driven, fact-based way of identifying creative opportunities marries the arts and sciences in a way that empowers a content creation team.

Marketers could tap into the Tilofy-identified influencers of a trend to gain more favorable deals, allowing the person or company to be discovered earlier and for brand alignment and marketing campaigns. Marketers could also take note of a mega trend; for instance, Tilofy has noted the popularity of the rainbow mega trend that has grown from bagels to sneakers and now hair dyes.

“Imagine the power of product innovation and marketing when it comes to creatively thinking, ‘What will be the next rainbow X that’s going to be out?’” Khoshgozaran says. “And we’re not in the business of knowing what X is. The marketers, the businesses, the brand creators and the creative agencies are going to tap into this and use it for their next campaign.”

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In other words, Tilofy’s goal is to provide the data that can spark a marketer’s creativity.

“The whole purpose is to contextualize and inspire and give ideas to people and businesses on how they can tap into a business opportunity and what we’re forecasting as a trend,” he says.


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