Qualitative Research Recruitment Goes Social

Michelle Finzel
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Key Takeaways

​1. Using social media can help recruiters and other researchers identify and hand-pick people who appear to perfectly fit the bill for a particular study.

2. Be transparent about your reasons for engaging with people online.

3. Don't forget that all audiences are not online, nor are they all using social media. To reach some, traditional methods are needed. 

 Our universe is limitless, and with the marriage of technology and social media, so too is our ability now to connect with people from all around the globe, for all kinds of reasons. And while this budding relationship has gone forth and multiplied, filling our universe with millions of personal and professional connections, it has given birth to several tightly knit, singularly focused communities as well.

The market research industry is also cooing over all of the new methodologies and platforms that these nuptials have produced. We can quickly capture polling information from consumers worldwide while they update their Facebook statuses, we can “listen” in on the blogosphere to learn what mothers have to say about new products for their families, and we can gather large groups of like-minded people into one, virtual room to share their opinions on just about anything at all. Social media raises all types of opportunities in the market research world.

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Author Bio:

Michelle Finzel
Michelle Finzel is chair of the field committee for QRCA and is president at Maryland Marketing Source, Inc., where she is responsible for overseeing all full-service research projects. Contact her at mfinzel@mdmarketingsource.com.