Elevate Your Marketing Acumen: Five Tips to Becoming a Better Researcher

Martha Guidry
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Key Takeaways

  • Raise your marketing awareness: Become familiar with the basic marketing terms and some of the key questions that should be asked.

  • Learn your client’s language: If you do not understand some of the marketing jargon, you should simply ask the client.

  • Don’t forget supplemented collateral: Understand the ancillary business information that might be essential to interpret findings.

The field of qualitative research attracts individuals from many walks of life. Some researchers actually study market research while others come from diverse fields such as psychology, sociology, anthropology and marketing. These different points of origin mean that the researcher picked for a particular study may bring a unique point of view or approach to a research challenge.

When informally interviewing various marketing clients, many stated that they wanted a qualitative researcher who could not only report findings but who also could easily grasp the marketing issues with which the team was grappling—all while assisting them on a decision path. To this end, researchers owe it to themselves to become savvier in their marketing knowledge.

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Author Bio:

Martha Guidry
Martha Guidry is a member of the Qualitative Research Consultant’s Association and owner of The Rite Concept. She is the author of “Marketing Concepts That Win! Save Time, Money and Work by Crafting Concepts Right the First Time.”
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