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Molly Soat
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Key Takeaways
  • The most common hurdle to digital transformation is a siloed departmental structure.
  • The responsibility to implement a digital strategy ultimately lies with the C-suite.
  • Focus on the customer experience when creating a digital strategy.

​For most companies, digital adoption is still a major challenge and, “it’s often siloed, ring fenced, or even worse, outsourced,” according “The Chief Digital Officer: Fad or Future?,” a Forrester Research October 2013 study by Nigel Fenwick and Martin Gill. In this study, the authors argue that every organization needs a “digital champion,” whether that’s the CEO, CMO, CIO or the newest C-suite commander, the chief digital officer.


“Too many firms take the complacent stance that ‘Hey, we’ve got an app. We’re digital!’ When in reality, digital technologies are poised to fundamentally transform the ways in which firms interact with their customers and suppliers,” the study states.

Make sure that your brand isn’t simply skating by with a minimal Web presence but is working toward a digitally optimized future with some key lessons and actionable strategies from the report.

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Molly Soat
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