Snoop Dogg's Marijuana Rolls Out Sleek Packaging

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​WHAT: Snoop Dogg's marijuana brand, Leafs by Snoop, is fighting stoner stereotypes by fo​cusing on sleek package design.

SO WHAT: Leafs by Snoop's packaging wasn't designed to look like cannabis packaging of the past, using clean lines and a simple logo.

NOW WHAT: Package design is important for all brands, and marijuana brands in particular, according to Emily Oberman of Pentagram, who designed the packaging.

Jan. 5, 2016

Like Willie Nelson before him, Snoop Dogg has joined the fray of celebrity marijuana aficionados who are launching their own cannabis brands. In November, Leafs by Snoop, a line of marijuana flower, edibles and waxes, hit the market. 

As marijuana ​legalization spreads throughout the country, cannabis brands are working to fight stoner stereotypes by focusing on design. Many dispensaries in Colorado, where marijuana is legal, are designed to be welcoming, with soft lighting and wood counter tops. Leafs by Snoop took the same approach, with simple, sleekly designed packaging with clean lines and a simple gold logo. "We all were in agreement that it should not look like typical cannabis packaging of the past," says Emily Oberman, partner at London and New York-based design agency Pentagram​, who designed the packaging. "It needed to look elevated and clean, like something anyone would feel comfortable buying. We tried to break these stereotypes [through the design] while still keeping an element of fun in everything we did."

Oberman likens working with marijuana brands to working with alcohol brands at the end of Prohibition, because of constant shifts in packaging regulations from the government. Thus, Pentagram's team designed a box to hold a childproof container so they could put all of the legal copy on it as opposed to on the exterior packaging. "Mostly we just wanted to keep the packaging clean," she says. 

Snoop's celebrity has, of course, helped increase brand awareness for Leafs by Snoop, Oberman says. "He is clearly not just a celebrity selling his name to a line of products. He is a cannabis connoisseur and wants to share his knowledge with his fans. He brings caché and coolness to the brand. I’m a fan, though, so I was already sold." ​

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