Marketing News Roundup: YouTube and Instagram Contain Fallout From Unsavory Content, Facebook and Snap Work to Improve Social Media

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Dec. 4, 2017

Arby's Buys Buffalo Wild Wings

Arby's Restaurant Groups announced a deal to acquire Buffalo Wild Wings Inc. for $2.9 billion, or $157 per share. The news caps off a busy year for the Minneapolis-based chicken wings chain, which saw a successful play by an activist investor to infiltrate the company's board prompt the resignation of longtime CEO Sally Smith in June. 

The sale is expected to be completed early next year. At that time, Buffalo Wild Wings' 1250-plus locations and Arby's 3,300-plus locations will be operated by Arby's CEO Paul Brown. Arby's itself is owned by private equity firm Roark Capital Group, which also include the chains Carl's Jr, Hardee's, Auntie Anne's, Cinnabon and Jimmy Johns in its portfolio.

Source: Nation's Restaurant News

Advertisers Suspend YouTube Campaigns

Multiple brands, including Mars Inc., Adidas and Diageo, have suspended YouTube campaigns after their ads were “found displayed with videos that had racked up millions of views by depicting children in threatening or compromising situations,” per Fortune magazine.

BuzzFeed first reported that there was a “vast, disturbing” and popular network of videos that included children in threatening situations. 

YouTube removed the videos and said it would now strictly enforce its community guidelines.

Source: Fortune

New York Times Hires New Advertising, Marketing Execs

The New York Times has hired two new executives in advertising and marketing, per MediaPost. 

Sebastian Tomich will lead Advertising & Marketing Solutions, the new New York Times advertising group, while Amber Guild will fill the newly created position of president of T Brand Marketing Solutions, the brand marketing unit of the New York Times.

“We’ll head into 2018 with an already one-of-a-kind offering in Fake Love, a growing content strategy offering, and we’ll be looking to invest in services that leverage the Times’ data and technology resources,” Tomich says.

Source: MediaPost

Snapchat Founder: ‘Social Media Fueled Fake News”

Evan Spiegel, cofounder and CEO Of Snap Inc. and its platform Snapchat, wrote an op-ed on Axios about how he wants to separate Snapchat from social media. 

“The personalized newsfeed revolutionized the way people share and consume content,” Spiegel writes. “But let's be honest: this came at a huge cost to facts, our minds and the entire media industry.”

Social media fueled fake news because the platforms are designed to deliver information to be shared by friends, not necessarily accurate information, Spiegel writes. 

“The Snapchat solution is to rely on algorithms based on your interests — not on the interests of ‘friends’— and to make sure media companies also profit off the content they produce for our Discover platform,” Spiegel writes. “We think this helps guard against fake news and mindless scrambles for friends or unworthy distractions.”

Source: Axios

NBC Looks to Move Away from Single Ad Currency

"We have a problem, you know it, I know it, we all know it," Linda Yaccarino, NBC Universal chairman of advertising sales and client partnerships, said to a group of media and marketing leaders during a meeting in New York City, per AdAge.

The problem she’s referring to is single commercial currency that AdAge says has “dominated the TV advertising marketplace for decades.”

“Although Yaccarino did not mention Nielsen by name, Nielsen ratings have long been the industry's dominant currency,” AdAge’s Jeanine Poggi reports. “Yaccarino has previousy been vocal about the need to move away from buying and selling ads based on Nielsen age and sex demographics, which she says don't tell the whole story. (They have also shown long-term declines in audiences.) Yaccarino and other TV ad sales leaders have been focusing their efforts on metrics that reflect more targeted data and measure success by returns on investment.”

Source: AdAge

Facebook Using AI to Send Possibly Suicidal Users Help

Facebook is using artificial intelligence to review users’ posts for signs of suicidal thoughts, flagging the post to human moderators who respond by sending resources on mental health or contact first-responders. The company has been testing the tool for months in the U.S., but it won’t be active in the European Union where data protection laws prevent companies from profiling users this way.

CEO Mark Zuckerberg says the software helped Facebook flag cas es to first responders more than 100 times in the last month. Facebook has not provided details on how the tool actually determines who is in danger, but it says the program has been trained on posts and messages flagged by humans in the past.

Source: The Verge

An 11-Year-Old Meghan Markle Protested Sexist Ad

Actress and advocate Meghan Markle—who recently became engaged to Prince Harry—once campaigned against sexist advertisements on Nickelodeon's Nick News in 1993. The ad for Ivory dish liquid included the line, “Women all over America are fighting greasy pots and pans." Eleven-year-old Markle told Nick News host Linda Ellerbee that she didn’t think it’s right for children to grow up thinking the woman does all the housework.

She also wrote to Procter & Gamble, the company behind the ad, and called on them to change it. That spirit hasn’t changed much, as Markle is now a UN Women ambassador.

Source: Mashable


 Meghan Markle Discusses Sexist P&G Commercial


Porn Appearing Up on Instagram’s Live Video Section

Ad Age reported that some Instagram viewers were exposed to “a flood of porn” on Instagram over a recent weekend, which the social media network says was a spam attack that broke through its defenses. Instagram does not show ads in live videos or in the live stream section of the app called Explore; however, accounts from brands and publishers do appear in Explore, as do videos from popular Instagram creators who could have sponsors.

Source: Ad Age

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