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Sarah Steimer
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Key Takeaways

What? The HOW Live event included an emphasis on the power of collaboration between teams.

So what? As speakers and panelists said, collaboration only deepens the power of the work because there are more voices involved.

Now what? Marketers work more closely with their creatives, be it in-house or an outside agency.

May 17, 2017

The HOW Design Live conference took place May 2-6 at the Hyatt Regency Chicago. 

While the focus of the event was on design, it included a marketing track as well. The main topic of conversation at these marketing-design sessions—likely similar to those held at agencies and other companies—was focused on collaboration. Specifically, the necessity of marketers and creatives to listen to one another and knock down silos within their organizations.

Our post-event podcast features a few of these conversations, including highlights from a Starbucks panel and a Q&A session between designers and marketers, including Yeti Coolers' Trish Olives, LexisNexis' John Lewellan and inMotionNow's Alex Withers. 

Lastly, Sarah and Zach recount keynote speaker Malcolm Gladwell’s thoughts on the different types of creatives and how either can affect the final product. Gladwell suggests there are conceptual creatives and experimental creatives, with the former working quickly while the latter works more slowly.

"Time and iteration are key and you can’t create perfection in a hurry," Gladwell says. "For most of us in the world, especially the kind of work people do now, I think we have to think of creativity as the [...] collaborative model."

Listen below for the full podcast and let us know in the comments what you think marketers and creatives can do to better collaborate.

Dena Blevins, creative director of global promotions and brand at Starbucks; Jeffrey Fields, vice president of global creative studios at Starbucks; Nancy Poznoff, vice president of marketing at Starbucks | photo courtesy of HOW Design Live


Moderator Alex Withers, CMO of inMotionNow; with panelists John Lewellan, director of CRM and marketing operations at LexisNexis; Andy Brenits, president of the board at InSource; and Trish Olives, creative manager at YETI | photo courtesy of HOW Design Live


Infographic courtesy of inMotionNow; for more information on collaborative workflows, check out the company's ebook.


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