PODCAST: 2017 in Review, Part 2: Fake News, Net Neutrality, New Media

Sarah Steimer
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​The ​Answers in Action podcast looks back at 2017.

​Dec. 21, 2017

We’re back with part two of our 2017 year-end review

If you haven’t yet, check out part one here, where we discussed mergers and acquisitions, the politicization of brands, Uber’s difficulties and artificial intelligence.

In this episode, Sarah and Zach chat about:

  • Fake news and fake advertisements: Brands are becoming wary of advertising on fake news websites. Plus we learned that fake advertisements circulated on social media around the 2016 presidential election.

  • Net neutrality: We don’t yet know the consequences on advertising of the FCC’s vote to repeal net neutrality.

  • New media: Podcasts, live streaming, cord-cutting and more. How does this affect traditional advertisers?

  • #MeToo movement

  • Self-driving cars: Who’s getting in on the game and what it could mean for marketing.

  • Predictions for 2018

Let us know if there were any major trends that you think we missed or predictions you have to 2018. Be sure to continue following the Answers in Action podcast in the coming year. Listen on platforms including SoundCloud, iTunes and Medium.

We also have a members-only download on predictions for 2018, including topics such as CX, the digital crisis, the empowered machine, the algorithm wars and advertising corruption.


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Author Bio:

Sarah Steimer
Sarah Steimer is a staff writer for the AMA's magazines and e-newsletters. She may be reached at ssteimer@ama.org or on Twitter at @sarah_steimer.

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