High-Impact Marketing Is Customer-Centric

Sarah Steimer
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Key Takeaways

What? The most effective marketing meets customers where they are.

So what? Marketers can use loyalty programs, search formats, micromoments, geo-tracking and gamification to create customer-centric experiences.

Now what? Marketers need to update their knowledge on what the customer expects and what the company (and technology) can provide.

​May 31, 2017

Want to see the biggest return on your marketing? Make sure it rewards your customer and meets them where they are

The topics at the 15th annual Racom IMC Roundtable at DePaul University in Chicago ranged from customer loyalty to micro-moments to geo-tracking. Six marketers spoke about how these tools can help marketers better understand the customer, get their message to the customer and provide the type of experience the customer craves and expects. 

These are the four main takeaways from the roundtable:

1. Reconsider Customer Loyalty Programs

Loyalty is now part of customer experience, not just a rewards program. These programs are also shifting over to mobile. A a great example is the Starbucks program where patrons can pay on their phone. The company is working on a chatbot that will make ordering even easier. Loyalty programs often reward purchases, but purchase behavior is not necessarily the first experience people think of.

2. Social Media: Engagement on the Customer's Terms

Marketing has shifted from push advertising to pull advertising—people want the ads to be where they are. Voice search, such as Amazon’s Alexa, may also be impacting the world of search sooner than later.

3. Gamification to Fight Bots

Creating multi-step, customized experiences for consumers can help mitigate the unfair advantage bots have in purchasing. The key is to make the experience interactive and native to the platform involved. For example, Twitter helped create a format for Nike fans to get limited-edition shoes before bots could swoop in. Those who “lost” the game still won with a coupon code or another offering.

4. Movement Science

This sort of geo-tracking allows for more granular marketing to consumers. If companies don’t consider mobile marketing, they’re missing a huge opportunity to grab attention. They can begin at a very basic level without being overwhelmed by the options, but simply start somewhere.

The Answers in Action podcast sat down with a few of the speakers, including Ron Jacobs, CEO of marketing agency Jacobs & Clevenger; Steve Krull, CEO of performance marketing solutions company BeFoundOnline; David Dowgiello, client partner at Twitter; and Beau Davis, vice president of strategic accounts at mobile advertising company Verve.  Listen to the Answers in Action podcast to learn more from these marketing experts.

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