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Dec. 18, 2017

Marketers Rank WPP the Best Agency Holding Company

A new survey of more than 600 U.S. marketing executives by Advertiser Perceptions ranks WPP the best agency holding company. The survey found one in three respondents are considering shifting business to consulting firms such as Accenture, Deloitte and IBM. Twenty-seven percent surveyed say they use Facebook and Google for services once done by traditional agencies, while 30% are likely to bring media planning and buying in-house.

All marketers in the survey have advertising budgets of more than $5 million; 80% have budgets of more than $10 million, 58% have budgets larger than $25 million, 34% have budgets larger than $50 million and 16% have more than $100 million to spend.

The survey also found Burson-Marsteller had the highest creative reviews alongside Leo Burnett. Burson is traditionally a PR agency, but Advertiser Perceptions chose to place the agency in the creative category as an experiment.

Sixty-eight percent of marketers surveyed say their agencies are not open and transparent on cost, but 63% also say they are not willing to share meaningful KPIs with the agencies.

Source: Ad Age

Return of Gawker?

A group of former Gawker employees have launched a Kickstarter in hopes of reviving the shuttered tabloid site. Even though the site stopped posting content in August 2016 and was not included in the sale of other media assets to Univision, the homepage and archives remain accessible for now as control of the website is decided during bankruptcy proceedings.

The group leading the effort include former ad exec James Del and former editor-in-chief Elizabeth Spiers. The Kickstarter hopes to raise $500,000 to bid on the assets. If they raise the funds but come up short in the bidding process, the groups hopes to forge ahead with an entirely new site.

Source: Business Insider

Apple Buys Shazam

Shazam, a music recognition app, has been acquired by Apple for approximately $400 million. Shazam first reached 1 billion downloads back in September 2016 and raised $143.5 from investors during its lifetime. The app, which allows users to identify most pieces of music after a few seconds of listening, earned $54 million in revenue in fiscal year 2016, although it operated at a pre-tax loss of $5.3 million during the same time period. 

Source: TechCrunch

We Want to Know How to Lose Belly Fat and Watch the Solar Eclipse

Google released the top searches of 2017, including results for the phrase beginning with “how to.” Top searches included how to: lose belly fat, screen record, play Powerball, freeze your credit, watch the solar eclipse, make a fidget spinner, watch Mayweather vs. McGregor, buy Bitcoin, make solar eclipse glasses and make slime.

Source: Business Insider

Facebook Testing Preroll Ads

After resisting preroll ads for years, Facebook will start testing six-second preroll ads this coming January, per AdAge.

"In a discovery environment like [the Facebook] news feed, preroll isn't right because people aren't committed to seeing content," says Fidji Simo, director of product at Facebook. "In an intentional viewing experience, where people decide to proactively look for this content, preroll could be a good experience."

Source: AdAge ​

Are 'Micro Influencers' Next?

Marketers are just getting used to influencer marketing, but now they may need to learn about micro influencers, according to Zyper. 

Amber Atherton, founder of Zyper, tells TechCrunch that micro influencers can help brands have a “long tail” approach. 

“What we’re building is essentially ad words with people,” says Atherton. Zypher aims to help brands identify their top 1% of fans and turn them into brand advocates who createuser-generated content. 

Source: TechCrunch

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