Marketers' Confidence in Digital Adoption Dips

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What? Marketers worry they won’t be able to convince executives of the power of digital.

So what? Marketers may struggle to maximize potential without the right digital resources.

Now what? Marketers are still confident they can influence the organization. Marketers must convince executives of digital's importance to shaping customer experience.

Sept. 6, 2017

Marketers remain confident in their performance and influence, but many are worried they won’t be able to convince higher-ups of the importance of digital

The Marketers' Confidence Index—an aggregate score which measures customer spending, marketing budget, investment climate, future spending and future marketing budget—is up slightly from 126 in December of 2016 to 130 in August 2017, a change that represents stability in marketers' optimism about their organizations' performance.

Marketers are less positive about their ability to integrate and embed digital tools within marketing functions and get management to understand digital and social media.

For example:

  • 52% of marketers are confident they can preserve brand consistency as marketing goes digital, down 3% from May 2016.

  • 48% are confident the marketing team can collaborate with all parts of the organization, down 1% from May 2016.

  • 41% are confident marketing is integrating and embedding digital within marketing functions, down 6% from May 2016.

  • 29% of marketers are confident that they have leadership who understands social and digital marketing, down 5% from May 2016.

“It’s interesting to note how confidence is falling in terms of organizations’ ability to embed digital within marketing functions and in leaders’ understanding of social and digital marketing," says Matt Wardle, partner at Kantar Vermeer, which conducted the survey. "We live in an age of seamlessly moving between offline and online worlds, and yet within many companies, how marketing is organized isn’t keeping pace. Truly consumer-centric organizations and leaders have already cracked this and have moved from ‘digital marketing’ to ‘marketing in a digital age.’”

Marketers remain optimistic in their companies. Approximately 52% say they are confident their company’s revenue is growing faster than competitors. Sixty percent expect revenue growth to improve, and they rate their company as fairly customer-centric (71 out of a potential 100 perfect score).

About the Survey 

The survey’s margin of error is plus/minus 3.6% at the 90% confidence level. The Marketers’ Confidence Index presents the findings of an online survey conducted by Kantar Vermeer from July through August 2017, among a sample of 519 marketers across the U.S.

DOWNLOAD: Marketers' Confidence Index Q1-Q2 2017 Full Report

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