The Pivot: KPMG on Shaping a Responsive Enterprise Through a Digital Lens

Molly Soat
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What? Marketers must remain agile as customer expectations are changing.
So what? Customers’ expectations for agility and coherence will remain high, despite the proliferation of channels and touchpoints used by marketers.

Now what? Stay aware of your customer inflection points. By staying knowledgeable about your changing customers, employees, shareholders and influencers, you’ll be able to remain responsive to the consumer.

Oct. 7, 2016

At the AMA’s 2016 Annual Conference, KPMG’s CMO Brian Miske discussed how to be resilient within the context of understanding your customers. Customer expectations are changing all the time, he said. Think of the new consumer: someone who is angry over slow in-flight wifi, even though five years ago there was no in-flight connectivity at all. Think of the young person who doesn’t know what a taxi is, yet alone the value of having a driver who knows where they’re going.

There are three main considerations that Miske dissected to look at as you’re rethinking your customer and your value proposition.

The Shift

Customers are being redefined, and customer expectations are changing. Include the consumers of your services, employees, shareholders and other influencers experiencing your brand through different inflection points in the value chain. Consider your customer inflection points and aligning experiences across the value chain, since customers span many generations and other groups.

Content is not king; it is about owning and shaping conversations. Integrate feedback from customers to inform your brand voice. Measure your impact:

awareness + engagement + innovation + action = shifting behaviors.

Voice of the Customer

Getting customer perspectives, either in short form or long form, is vital in shaping the conversation.

Leadership and organizational alignment requires ruthless prioritization. Make sure to recognize shifting forces and change:

  • Competition is increasingly unconventional.

  • Technology-enabled disruptors are challenging conventional competition.

  • Understand issues impacting the value chain.

Pervasive Disruption, Agility and Responsive Organizations

Responsive companies are at once data-driven and intuitively creative. The commoditization of information and consumer-enabled technology has been a theme over the past several years and will continue to influence and differentiate organizations in the future. There are three focus areas:

  • Creating a responsive enterprise.

  • Creating responsive experiences.

  • Responsive experiences require connected data.

Digital is not just a group of people or a component of a business process. It’s a new way of doing a multitude of things, such as conversations, commerce and connecting people and integrating digital across functions, strategic planning and culture. It is anchored with the customer at the center.

Creating a responsive enterprise is not about responsive design, it’s about shaping responsive experiences that evolve as your customers evolve their relationship with your organization or brand. Responsive experiences require connected data:

analysis + multiple streams of data = new actionable insights for customer-focused teams

Miske left attendees with an actionable Top 10 list: Considerations of the Marketer’s Pivot

  • Customer readiness across the value chain.

  • Holistic view of the customer and customer voice.

  • Own the conversations.

  • Measure your impact.

  • Connect the dots through omni-channel.

  • Noticing small changes drives large opportunities.

  • Understand the fringe and other trends.

  • Future customers.

  • Long view of future markets.

  • The connected organization.


 Brian Miske Interview


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