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Michelle Markelz
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What? Digital transformation is such a multifaceted process that few vendors are yet able to provide all the management and expertise necessary to fully service it.

So what? You can still find a vendor to help you meet your business goals.

Now what? Find a vendor who excels at change management, business process optimization and utilization of social, mobile, cloud and Big Data technologies.

Experts say the perfect digitization transformation vendor isn’t out there yet, but you can find one that’s right for your organization.

The perfect digital business transformation vendor isn’t out there—yet. That’s the conclusion Five2ndWindow reports that Forrester came to in its analysis of the digital transformation as a service arena. 

Digital business transformation is a process many companies are grappling with. While it is understood as a priority, it can also be an unwieldy task, especially given its reach across organizations. International Data Corporation (IDC) found that more than half the time, key sponsors of digital transformation efforts were champions from outside the IT function. This is why, Forrester finds, it is critical that when engaging a digital business transformation vendor, organizations evaluate prospective partners on their ability to work cross-functionally. “Digital continues to shift the business tectonic plates, and it means that the days of siloed digital strategies have ended,” Forrester principal analyst John McCarthy tells Five2ndWindow. “The increasing need to coordinate across channels and different parts of the organization to serve different customer journeys and drive agility changes the scope of firms’ re-engineering efforts." 

Another key criteria to consider when choosing a digitization service provider, according to IDC, is the vendor’s expertise with social, mobile, cloud and Big Data technologies, says Ali Zaidi, senior research analyst at IDC.​

Forrester noted the pros and cons of some household names in digital transformation services. Chief among the cons was the finding that many vendors themselves have not fully digitized. IDC’s evaluation labeled Accenture, IBM and PwC as leaders. 

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