Christine Mau on the Value of Design in Marketing and Storytelling

Sarah Steimer
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​What? Christine Mau, scheduled to speak at How Design Live, says design must be integrated into the full product process.

So what? Giving design a seat at the table allows for cultural transformation and helps brands flourish.

Now what? Marketers shouldn't consider design as an output, but rather as an integral part of the entire creative process.

​April 11, 2017

Christine Mau, named one of Ad Age's "Women to Watch" and a former design director at Kimberly-Clark, says design must be brought into an organization's full conversation, rather than considered an output.

Mau's work has included the redesign of Kleenex boxes into oval and triangular formats, as well as the U by Kotex launch. The tampon brand presented its product in black and neon colors, a massive departure from the typical blue and white found in the feminine hygiene aisle.

This ability to talk about and design for what are sometimes considered taboo topics made her the prime candidate for co-creating the logo for No More, a movement for raising awareness and engagement around ending domestic violence and sexual assault. The logo, which consists of a blue circle with a disappearing center—intended to evoke the concept of reducing the number of such experiences to zero—has been part of a global public service announcement effort that has received more than $2 billion in earned media.

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Mau, scheduled to speak on May 5 at How Design Live in Chicago, says she plans to discuss the role of business culture in delivering high-quality design experience, specifically through storytelling and experiential learning. According to the How Design Live website, attendees can expect to learn why and when to build a client's design acumen; how to drive a design transformation in three parts; and a case study of how design a curriculum specific to the business.

Listen to an interview with Mau on the Answers in Action podcast.

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