AMA's Volunteer of the Year Award Named After Ric Sweeney

Michelle Markelz
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​The Volunteer of the Year Award was name after Sweeney, whose nearly two decades of service to the AMA embody the values of the award and the organization.

The American Marketing Association gave out the first Ric Sweeney Volunteer of the Year Award at its Converge 2016 Leadership Summit 

Ric Sweeney, a member of the AMA since 1996 and a volunteer for almost 20 years, presented the first annual Ric Sweeney Volunteer of the Year Award on Saturday, April 30, 2016 to Dennis Devlin of the Cincinnati Chapter, where Sweeney served as a member of the board of directors for six years.

A volunteer of the year has been awarded for each of the last 10 years. The award was created by the Professional Chapters Council (PCC) in 2006 to recognize chapter leaders who have shown passion for the AMA through their volunteerism. This year, the board of directors announced they would name the award after Sweeney in honor of his service to the association.

​​Ric has touched every part of the volunteer continuum,” says Rob Malcolm, chairman of the board of the AMA. “From local chapter to PCC Council to the board of directors, he is one of only three people in the history of the AMA to have been productive across all the dimensions of AMA leadership.” Sweeney served on the board of the PCC for five years, the international board of directors for seven, the Audit & Finance Committee for eight and the AMA Foundation board as a trustee for two.

“Volunteers are the lifeblood of the AMA,” says Sweeney. “The AMA succeeds as an organization through our strong, passionate volunteer base. This is especially true with our professional chapters, where our thousands of volunteers give tirelessly of their efforts to create great programming and provide meaningful member value on the local level.”

“At every turn, Ric has never been content to accept the status quo. Rather, he always sees opportunity to elevate members’ experiences and challenge those around him to expect more of themselves and of the organization they serve,” says Stacy Armijo, a member of the AMA board of directors. “Many of the seeds of innovation that are now sprouting into the Next AMA were quietly sown by Ric.”

Sweeney is the immediate past chairperson of the AMA. He is the director of the Circle of Excellence Business Honors Program at the Lindner College of Business at the University of Cincinnati, where he is also as associate professor.

“It’s so humbling to receive an honor like this,” says Sweeney. “I’m truly inspired by the passion our volunteers have for the AMA and all they do to support marketers and the marketing profession.”

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