Standing as One AMA to Support our Devastated Communities

Megan Backes, AMA Community Experience Director
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​What? Many AMA members have been affected by recent natural disasters.

So what? The AMA community has rallied to help those in need.

Now what? Here are aid organizations that are providing relief, recommended by AMA chapters.

​Oct. 9, 2017

All of us at the AMA Support Center are humbled at the outpouring of support we’ve seen from the AMA community for victims of North America’s most recent natural disasters. This began with your contributions to the AMA Red Cross Campaign for Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, and it continues with your desire to aid those devastated by earthquakes in Mexico and Hurricane Maria. 

We are keeping in close touch with our most impacted AMA chapters in Houston, Mexico City and Puerto Rico. They continue to send updates and have provided recommendations of how you can continue to help these communities from afar.

Despite damage and property loss for many AMA Houston members, Chapter President-Elect Stephen Brent May confirmed, “We’re all safe and that is the most important thing. Some are adjusting to a new normal while the rebuilding of homes occurs, but the Houston community has been wonderful in its response. At this point, the focus has shifted from emergency relief, such as shelters and evacuations, to long-term relief. People will need assistance rebuilding lives and businesses.” 

AMA Mexico City members are safe, but they mourn for friends who have died. AMA Mexico City Chapter President César Enríquez Morán César has fallen more in love with his country as “division, corruption, racism and social differentiations” are forgotten and “everybody is helping and even working for free. The cell phones companies are not charging anything for calls and data usage, taxi drivers [are] working for free, private hospitals are open to the public, people [are] leaving open their WiFi networks just in case someone is needing it, large food chains are donating, hotels [are] offering free rooms for brigades volunteers, thousands of collection centers are open.” 

Destruction to power and communication infrastructure across most of Puerto Rico has made it difficult to connect with our collegiate chapters in that area, but student leaders at AMA University of Puerto Rico Río Piedras did recently send us a note letting us know they are safe, though classes are postponed until further notice because of the current devastation to the island.  Chapter Co-Presidents Jorge L. Avilés Martínez and Jesmarie Menéndez Rodríguez shared, “There are still places that the rescue teams have not been able to access due to the rubble. Our supply for fuel, diesel, and food has been rationed. We have seen people doing lines for hours, some even days, to buy these supplies. The local commerce has been put on hold because many of the stores need diesel for power generators.”

To benefit relief efforts in affected areas, please consider supporting these organization:

In Houston:

In Puerto Rico:

In Mexico:

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Megan Backes, AMA Community Experience Director
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