AI is a Poker Shark: The Machines Raise the Stakes on Humans

Hal Conick
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​What? How does AI technology match up against the world’s top gamers?

So what? Marketers following AI’s developments may be interested to see how it has fared against the world’s top poker players.

Now what? Curious marketers may be interested to see how AI technology has progressed in complex gaming situations.

Dec. 8, 2017

How AI matches up against the world’s best poker players may give marketers a good indication of where the technology is heading  


Marketers have been seduced by the idea of artificial intelligence over the past year. Soon, they’ve heard, AI will be omnipresent—works will become easy, tasks will be automated and certain jobs will be extinct. But how did AI become what it is today?

One interesting look at how AI developed is in its poker matches versus humans. recently crafted an infographic, titled “Poker & AI: The Raise of Machines Against Humans” that highlights some of AI’s in-game achievements over the years. 

The infographic highlights AI’s incipient gaming years, such as its first big win versus a human gaming champion was when IBM’s Deep Blue AI beat world chess champion Garry Kasparov in 1997. Other big victories include IBM’s Watson beating two Jeopardy champions in 2011 and Google’s AlphaGo AI beating Lee Sedol, the world’s best Go player, in 2016. 

Poker has been a tougher puzzle to solve for AI. It was only 2012 when the Bellagio casino in Las Vegas installed a bot that could play against anyone. Now, the DeepStack AI bot from the University of Alberta can beat poker professionals and a mystery AI​ from Carnegie Mellon University “crushes” the best poker players, per the infographic.

Read the infographic to see more odds, stats and stories about how AI matches up against the best human poker players. Marketers intrigued by AI’s progress may get a good sense of its technological direction by reading this infographic​.

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