3 Skills Today’s Marketing Leaders Must Dominate

Tracey Zdravkovic
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​Wh​at? Leaders are required to wear many hats, especially those in marketing.

So what? A deep understanding of technology, a strong network and strong communication skills are necessary to becoming a great marketing leader.

Now what? Attend the 2017 AMA Annual Conference this September to hear from top leaders in the industry on best practices to further your career!

July 21, 2017

There are many characteristics great leaders must have to be effective. Leaders must take ownership, build up employees, focus on customers, take on many roles and be innovative. With budgetary and time constraints affecting many organizations, leaders are constantly pulled in competing directions and marketing leaders are often stretched thinner than most.

As technology and customer needs and wants evolve, marketing leaders are increasingly responsible for knowing the next best innovative way to reach audiences. The ability to motivate others and support various roles within an organization allows the marketing leader to manage and foster change and creativity.

The 2017 AMA Annual Conference​ will take a deep dive into the skills marketing leaders need from social media to digital media, from effective networking to leadership.

In speaking with some of 2017’s conference presenters, the three qualities they identify that top marketing leaders must embody took center stage:

1. Marketing leaders must possess a firm grasp on technology.

Chris Brogan, CEO of Owner Media Group, says, “Gone are ‘creatives’ who just mark up poster board. You need Google Analytics skills, media-making skills and a whole host of other technological underpinnings.” Marketing requires leaders to be savvy in the latest and greatest technologies to maximize their audience reach.

​​Robert Rose, chief safety advisor of The Content Advisory, agrees. “If [marketers] are to evolve businesses, we, and content practitioners, must drive the thoughtful strategy that creates the future, pulling the technology along with us with creativity, intuition and emotional intelligence.”

Gone are the days when marketing professionals could focus solely on creativity. Now a background and vast knowledge of new technologies is expected, not desired.


Need some more tips? Attend the 2017 AMA Annual Conference September 11-13 in Las Vegas! 

Attendees will benefit from one-on-one time with marketing leaders during our MarketingCareer Speed Mentoring and LinkedIn Profile Coaching.​ ​


2. Leaders must have a strong network.

Networking is a staple in many business functions, none more than marketing. As networking coach and author Melissa Wilson says, “More than 83% of people get jobs through networking. In this content-driven world today, success will come down to your network and your leadership within it.” Wilson plans to delve into why this statistic is key for sustainable, long-term career success in the marketing world.

The Annual Conference gives marketing leaders the opportunity to build and promote their own personal brand with hours of dedicated networking time and face-to-face interaction with leaders from across the country.

3. Leaders encompass the ability to communicate effectively.

Diane Domeyer, executive director of The Creative Group, says the current workplace demands that marketing leaders be collaborative, highly communicative and clear about expectations. “As marketing leaders collaborate more frequently with contacts within and outside their organization, having strong communication skills is crucial.” While the ability to understand and utilize technology is increasingly necessary for marketing leaders, strong interpersonal, or soft skills, become just as crucial as they are harder to teach and can only be developed over time.

How can marketers learn more about the three skills needed to be a marketing leader today? Join us for the 2017 AMA Annual Conference September 11-12 in Las Vegas, where top marketing leaders will gather to identify and work on best practices to propel today’s marketing leadership forward.


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Tracey Zdravkovic
Tracey is a manager of omni-channel content at the AMA. She can be reached at tzdravkovic@ama.org.
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