Tomorrow's Digital Landscape

Crystal Santos
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Key Takeaways
  • Cookie-less tracking is a response to the growing concerns of consumer privacy and encroaching data tracking.
  • Device fingerprinting is a method of compiling information from a user's browser, including settings, fonts and other characteristics. 
  • Two-thirds of adult Internet users have at least one social media account.

As the digital marketing landscape matures, a new set of challenges is manifesting and changing the way that digital marketing is done. The ever-pressing concerns over data attrition, exponential growth in mobile, the social equation and the continued monetization of digital real estate present challenges that are very perplexing to some marketers and threaten their future performance potential. However, for the early integrators, these challenges present a wealth of opportunity that will set them apart. The new frontier in digital is here, and if you want to experience the next level of success, set your sights on understanding cookie-less tracking methodologies, mobile everything, the interplay between social and your media mix optimization.


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Author Bio:

Crystal Santos
​Crystal Santos is media director at Response Mine Interactive, where she is responsible for the creation and execution of digital media strategy, data modeling and overall media operations for clients such as Floor & Decor, Navy Federal Credit Union and Laser Spine Institute.