Crisis Communications Experts Say Plan Ahead

Christine Birkner
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Key Takeaways

1. ​Ninety percent of communications crises could be avoided if companies plan ahead for them.

2. ​Customers will be sympathetic to brands in crisis if they respond in the right way.

3. "It’s often not necessarily what happens to your company that you’re going to be judged on, but rather how you respond to that bad situation.”

While you often can’t foresee a crisis, you can be ready for it. Having a crisis plan in place and therefore being able to respond quickly when a crisis occurs can measurably lessen any negative impact on your brand, according to a panel of experts at the Publicity Club of Chicago’s luncheon on Oct. 10. Ninety percent of communications crises could be avoided if companies plan ahead for them, said Cynthia Lawson, vice president of public relations and communications at DePaul University.

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