The Best Health Care Content Marketing in 2014

Anne Moss Rogers
Marketing Health Services
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Key Takeaways
  • Health care marketers should be leveraging content marketing to boost brand awareness, but they must make sure to use credible sources from the medical community.
  • NYU’s Langone Medical Center offers the Doctor Radio station, which allows users to call in to specific health programs so that their questions can be answered by a medical professional live on the show.
  • The Cleveland Clinic also used a Q&A approach in its content marketing. Its medical-expert-backed site,, is an open forum for patients to discuss a wide range of topics.

The health care industry is at least two years behind other industries when it comes to content marketing. However, there are a few hospitals that are successfully leveraging content to increase reach and boost brand awareness by offering legitimate medical information from trusted resources. Here are my favorite examples of how hospitals used content marketing to reach their target audiences in 2014:

      1. NYU Langone Medical Center’s Doctor Radio campaign.

Recognizing that more than 80% of people search online for answers to health questions, the staff at Langone, based on New York, developed the Doctor Radio broadcast station, which airs on Sirius XM Satellite Radio and allows patients to call, e-mail or tweet their questions to be answered by physicians on one of the station’s health-specific shows. The shows feature topics ranging from men’s health to cardiology, sexual health, mental health and more. One of the most popular shows, Health Care Connect, answers consumer questions on claims, co-pays, the Affordable Care Act, deductibles, networks, partial coverage and referrals, helping guide patients through an increasingly complex health care and insurance system.

Dr. Radio has boosted the NYU Langone Medical Center’s brand. They are active on Twitter and Facebook, and offer consumers other ways to get in touch and get answers. This is a dynamite example of content marketing, and I’d like to know how they sold this idea to their lawyers and C-suite.

2. Mayo Clinic’s Sharing Mayo Clinic campaign.

Rochester, Minn.-based Mayo Clinic used real patient stories to offer hope and inspiration on The organization shares the posts widely on social media, too. In addition, Mayo Clinic addresses specific health topics, such as living with cancer and managing diabetes, as well as specific medical videos on YouTube.

3. The Cleveland Clinic Health Hub.

Is a three-day juice cleanse really good for you? Will a flu shot give you the flu? The Cleveland Clinic aims to answer a host of patient questions with its site,, which now draws more than 1.5 million visits per month and is a leading channel for spreading the Cleveland Clinic brand.

All of the editorial content is vetted by medical experts, and there is a complementary newsletter blasted to more than 500,000 subscribers. The blog focuses on health and wellness but strives for a balance of topics, from medical innovation and breakthroughs to myth-busting and prevention topics.

This was originally published in the November 2014 issue of the Marketing Health Services newsletter.

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Anne Moss Rogers
Anne Moss Rogers, a former copywriter with 14 years of health care marketing experience, is cofounder and creative director of Impression Marketing. You can find Anne Moss @ImpressionM on twitter and
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