Visual Connections: How to Engage Customers with Instagram

Melody Udell
B2B Marketing
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Key Takeaways
  • Any company that isn't utilizing Instagram is greatly missing out on an opportunity to connect with their audience.
  • Humans are innately curious, we always want to see more, and by sharing content that we wouldn't normally be able to see, we begin to feel a connection to that provider.
  • Post regularly, share meaningful and creative content, and engage with your audience.

​Liz Eswein started snapping and sharing pictures of NYC in between classes at New York University. Before she knew it, her Instagram account, @newyorkcity, had more than one million followers, and brands were clamoring for the attention of her mostly Gen Y audience and her unique social media savvy. Now, she’s turned her Instagram prowess into the Mobile Media Lab, which helps brands use the image-focused social media service to connect with consumers.

B2B Marketing touched base with Eswein to learn why Instagram is an important tool in a B-to-B marketer’s social media tool kit and her tips for getting started.

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