When to Make Your Move: Optimizing a Digital Campaign

Molly Soat
B2B Marketing
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Key Takeaways
  • Optimizing every two to four weeks is an average sweet spot for digital B-to-B campaigns.
  • Make sure before you start optimizing, that you’ve given it a really solid chance to work.
  • Objectives can be narrow or broad, but make sure they are set before you take any steps toward optimization.

With troves of data ready in a matter of seconds, marketers tend to jump the gun when it comes to digital campaign optimization. After all, your boss wants to if the investment is paying off. But make sure you don’t optimize your campaign too quickly because, according to experts, it takes longer than you think to learn enough about a campaign’s performance to effectively optimize it.

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Molly Soat
​Molly Soat is a staff writer for Marketing News and Marketing News Exclusives. E-mail her at msoat@ama.org.

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