How B-to-B Marketers Can Use Periscope for Content Marketing

Christine Birkner
B2B Marketing
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Key Takeaways
​WHAT?: Periscope is one of the hottest new tools in social media.

SO WHAT?: B-to-B brands can effectively incorporate it into their marketing efforts.

NOW WHAT: Consider how to incorporate Periscope into established strategies. 

Marketers are accustomed to chasing the “next big thing” in social media, and one of the hottest new tools is Periscope, a live-video-streaming app for smartphones that was acquired by Twitter in January 2015 prior to its official launch in March. While many B-to-C brands are using Periscope for live-streaming efforts, there’s room for B-to-B brands to effectively incorporate it into their marketing efforts, as well, according to Brian Honigman, social media consultant and CEO of New York-based content marketing consultancy Honigman Media. Here, Honigman offers his tips for B-to-B brands to maximize the potential of Periscope.

Q: When it comes to social media tools, one of the first things marketers have to determine is whether the tool is the right fit for their marketing plans. What types of marketing initiatives does Periscope work best for in B-to-B?

A: Some specific use cases are live-stream events, giving a behind-the-scenes look at trade shows and conferences, and bringing your staff and attendees front and center through the use of Periscope. Not only are you saying, ‘Hey, we’re at Booth 22,’ because that’s kind of surface-level and boring, but you’re talking about what’s actually happening at your booth and what your staff is doing there. That’s interesting for your customers. It’s also beneficial to discuss your current content offerings, whether it’s a webinar or a white paper. Periscope can help you further highlight that content. If you just put out a white paper, do a Periscope stream about the white paper. In a sense, you’re repurposing ideas you came up with in the white paper, and getting more bang for your buck. You also could interview your partners or satisfied clients. It humanizes your brand. A lot of B-to-B brands come off as boring. They aren’t the Coca-Colas or the Red Bulls of the world, so you have to get creative. Using Periscope can add multiple faces and personalities to your business.

Q: What tips do you have for B-to-B marketers for creating engaging content on Periscope?

A: Have a goal in mind before you do any live streams. Have a narrative planned out. It should be informal, and not seem like a TV commercial, but it should have some direction. You can’t just go on and say, ‘Hey viewers, ask us some questions.’ Giant brands or social media influencers might have a huge built-in audience of 500,000-plus, with their huge Twitter followings, and when they go on Periscope, they have a lot of people interacting with them. That’s not going to be the case for most businesses. You have to build that audience and rapport. Focus on driving value that’s unique to your specific audience.

Q: What’s the best way to promote your Periscope content and measure its results?

A: Make it known on all of your social channels that you’re active there, and make it easy to find. Alert people to specific ‘scopes you have coming up. Repurpose your Periscopes after producing them. You can download your Periscopes and repurpose them into a YouTube video, and put that in a blog post. It’s about getting more visibility for the efforts you’ve already done. Measuring results is still a little wonky. You can see on the ‘scopes themselves how many people have viewed them, the retention rate, the comments, and how many people liked it. There isn’t a tool out there quite yet telling you what your most fantastic scope is, but it’s about trying to ascertain how much engagement you got: how many people viewed it, how many comments you got and how many hearts your content is accruing over time.​ 

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