How Fashion Bloggers are Introducing Brands to New Audiences

Sarah Steimer
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What? Companies are partnering with fashion bloggers to introduce their brands to new audiences.

So what? Brands can tap into new markets by partnering with fashion influencers who already have a large following in this market.

Now what? Brands can find influencers that fit their product or service through third-party matchmakers such as Shopping Links.

Companies can harness the influence of online fashion tastemakers to tap into new markets.​

There is no shortage of fashion bloggers, nor a shortage of brands and retailers to talk about. When bloggers and companies join forces, digital tastemakers have the power to introduce the firm to brand new audiences.

Fashion bloggers hold audiences rapt across a variety of platforms, from blogs to Instagram and Snapchat. They can post a photo of their outfit of the day (often tagged as #OOTD) and garner thousands of likes and comments. And there, snuggled among the hashtags, is often the brand or retailer the blogger wore or shopped.

Sometimes the blogger just happens to be wearing a company’s clothing, and the brand receives a free shout-out. And sometimes the collaboration is planned, with companies reaching out to the bloggers.

Shopping Links brings together bloggers and brands across the globe who are looking to collaborate. One of the company’s most recent efforts brought together bloggers with a new e-commerce website in Australia by British brand Marks & Spencer. The effort included an influencer event in Sydney with notable Australian bloggers Nadia Fairfax, Kate Waterhouse and Bec Judd, in addition to other niche Australian fashion influencers.

The event saw influencers interacting with Marks & Spencer executives, resulting in blog posts and social media mentions seen by Australian consumers. 

Shopping Links and Marks & Spencer Event in Sydney

Attendees of the Marks and Spencer event in Sydney posted photos to Instagram using the hastag #houseofmands.

Tracie Heffernan, marketing manager at Shopping Links, says the company suggests that brands work with a number of influencers to enter a new market, not just one.

“We recommend taking this approach, combining well-known influencers, like Kate Waterhouse or Paola Alberdi, with smaller influencers who can reach different social groups within a brand's target audience with an authentic voice,” Heffernan says.

She adds that influencer events are very effective because bloggers and brands can directly interact with one another. Social media collaborations that combine blog posts and other channels are also particularly effective.

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Marks & Spencer launched its dedicated Australian online store in January, and its international e-commerce manager Michael McCafferty told the Sydney Morning Herald in May that sales had been growing strongly.

The effect of including influencers? According to a case study provided by Shopping Links, Fairfax, Waterhouse and Judd have a potential audience of 710,000 people. The women posted nine photos to Instagram from the event that garnered 17,289 likes and 496 comments. 


Fashion bloggers Kate Waterhouse, Nadia Fairfax and Bec Judd at the Marks and Spencer event in Sydney.

They were the paid ambassadors. The event also included 49 unpaid blogger guests with a potential audience of more than 2 million. These guests posted 79 Instagram photos that received 55,055 likes.

“In addition to introductions and launches, we also recommend collaborating with influencers to reintroduce a brand or strengthen its position in a particular market,” Heffernan says.

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Sarah Steimer
Sarah Steimer is a staff writer for the AMA's magazines and e-newsletters. She may be reached at or on Twitter at @sarah_steimer.
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