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MHS Spring/Summer 2016 tablet coverThe Spring/Summer 2016 issue of Marketing Health Services is now available!

As our content team grows—see the new staff writers on the masthead to your left and new expert contributors throughout this issue and at—we are tackling key issues that define marketing careers of every stripe. Throughout this year, for example, you will read about the seven big problems that marketers face and the solutions-based dialogue that we’ve created around them, the quarterly Marketer’s Confidence Index and how to transcend best practices with “Next Practices.”

Meanwhile, we are continuing to cover industry news and trends valuable to our membership. This issue’s cover story (page 16), for example, takes an in-depth look at how a Chicago-based, world-focused organization has been trying to reshape people’s perceptions about violence, believing that the violence epidemic can be reversed by treating it as a public health threat.

Turn to page 24 for an investigative look at whether or not marketing is perpetuating Latino health care disparities. Race and health care practices should be mutually exclusive phenomena, yet in the United States, Latinos continue to be less likely than their non-Latino peers to have health insurance or a regular doctor. Are health care marketers allowing this demographic to slip through their fingers?

This issue marks a massive change for the magazine, as it is my last issue as editor. Marketing News’ editor in chief Molly Soat will take the healm. Futher, come summer 2016, our content strategy will change to bring you, our readers, more timely health-marketing stories where you look for them most: on the homepage of Stay tuned.

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