Marketing News: March 2015



  • The Mechanics of Modern-Day Brand Affinity

    The Mechanics of Modern-Day Brand Affinity

    ​​​Ford Motor Co. is taking an assembly-line approach to building brand affinity, starting by researching the habits and preferences of the next generation of drivers long before they get behind the wheel.

  • Innovation Valley

    Innovation Valley

    ​​Startup accelerators, the newest phase of open-innovation-led product development, are helping brands strengthen their product offerings and position themselves as innovative industry leaders, and savvy marketers are getting in on the ground level.

  • Testing the Trade-offs


    Testing the Trade-offs

    ​​​​Choice modeling mimics real-life consumer decision-making to help marketers position their product offerings for success. Experts explain the concept and how to put it into practice.​​

  • ‘Next’ Steps


    ‘Next’ Steps

    John Hancock targets multiscreen consumers with a customized video ad campaign depicting real-life financial challenges.

  • The ‘A’ Game


    The ‘A’ Game

    ​A small market research startup shares its four-step process for landing Fortune 500 clients.

  • Double Duty


    Double Duty

    Custom market research can help brands both understand their clients ​and stand out as industry thought leaders​​.

  • The True Driver of Social Contagion


    The True Driver of Social Contagion

    Once people are asking for something, anybody—not just influential opinion leaders—can trigger trending, writes columnist J. Walker Smith.

  • Programmatic’s ‘Adapt or Die’ Effect


    Programmatic’s ‘Adapt or Die’ Effect

    Programmatic ad buying is changing the game for television advertising, and marketers must adapt or they will become obsolete.

  • The Futility of Safeguarding IP in a Global Market


    The Futility of Safeguarding IP in a Global Market

    Copying is a price that companies pay for free global trade. How, then, can a company protect its wealth when its products and services get copied by other countries?

  • Your Brand Tracker is on the Cusp of Death


    Your Brand Tracker is on the Cusp of Death

    An Ipsos leader weighs in on tracking studies in the age of the smartphone.

  • Executve Insights: Deepak Advani


    Executve Insights: Deepak Advani

    Deepak Advani, general manager of IBM Commerce, is a vocal proponent of the power of data-driven marketing. He leads IBM’s efforts to tap analytics and cloud solutions to better engage customers and networks.

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