Marketing News: June 2015



  • The 2015 AMA Gold Top 50 Report

    The 2015 AMA Gold Top 50 Report

    The top 10 U.S. research revenue generators continue to bring in nearly three-quarters of the Top 50 Report’s total U.S. revenue, but new players have entered the overall mix. Read on to see how the research industry fared in 2014, and what research services are in high demand.

  • Size Matters


    Size Matters

    Step aside, Big Data: “Small data” is the hot term in the analytics space these days. Here, experts weigh in on the concept and explain why it’s easier to start small.

  • AMA Elects Five New Board Members


    AMA Elects Five New Board Members

    A letter from AMA's CEO, Russ Klein, and an introduction to the AMA's five new board members.

  • On Fertile Ground


    On Fertile Ground

    A farmer-focused fertilizer brand rakes in new users and grows engagement with a B-to-B-to-C microsite.

  • Vote of Confidence


    Vote of Confidence

    Digital advertising agency Targeted Victory helps Republican candidates win elections via data-driven strategies.

  • Broaching a Data Breach


    Broaching a Data Breach

    Data breaches are a sign of the digital times. Here’s how to communicate your company’s data collection practices and respond in the event of a data breach.

  • Who Is Your Brand?


    Who Is Your Brand?

    For marketers, brand-building means assembling different groups of customers in different ways, using all of the tools available, writes columnist Gordon Wyner.

  • The Uber-All Economy


    The Uber-All Economy

    Columnist J. Walker Smith discusses the breakout opportunities within the "Uber-All economy."

  • The Next Decade of China’s Growth


    The Next Decade of China’s Growth

    Marketers need to keep their companies abreast of the new opportunities opened by Chinese market initiatives, writes columnist Milton Kotler.

  • Why Scaling the Ivory Tower Is Worth Your While


    Why Scaling the Ivory Tower Is Worth Your While

    Lance A. Bettencourt shares how research can yield better business decisions and how to bridge the professor-practitioner divide.

  • On the Job: Peter Barber


    On the Job: Peter Barber

    Peter Barber of Lipman Hearne Inc. discusses the art and science of marketing, and the career shift that scared him the most.

  • Executive Insights: Shahe Manoukian


    Executive Insights: Shahe Manoukian

    Shahe Manoukian of Whole Foods discusses using data to inform product choices and the importance of internal relationship building.

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