Marketing News: May 2014



    • Culturing a Subcategory

      Culturing a Subcategory

      Chobani helped define the Greek yogurt subcategory in the U.S. marketplace, and became a billion-dollar brand in the process. As more yogurt giants go Greek, Chobani is staying on top by looking to its source.

    • Dethroning the Brand

      Dethroning the Brand

      Once a central marketing function, branding holds less power in this online-review-fueled marketplace, and marketers need to adapt accordingly, argues Itamar Simonson of Stanford University.

    • A Life Well Photographed


      A Life Well Photographed

      Millennials are 'digital natives,' the social media generation, and the vast majority of their posts pertain to experiences, rather than to products. Here's a look at the snap-happy behaviors of this marketing sweet spot.

    • 10 Minutes With Eric Villain of GfK


      10 Minutes With Eric Villain of GfK

      Eric Villain, managing director for North America of brand and customer experience at GfK, discusses the role of Big Data in brand perception research.

    • Why Big Data is so Difficult


      Why Big Data is so Difficult

      Don Schultz discusses why academics and practitioners alike have so much difficulty with the topic of Big Data.

    • Thinking Big-Picture With Big Data

      AT C-LEVEL

      Thinking Big-Picture With Big Data

      Sanjay Dhar of the University of Chicago Booth School of Business is trying to help both academic marketing faculty and commercial marketing practitioners determine what a dollar of marketing investment really is worth.

    • On the Job: Katie Martin of Chick-fil-A


      On the Job: Katie Martin of Chick-fil-A

      Katie Martin, area marketing director for Chick-fil-A's Charlotte metropolitan area franchises, talks about her career, and offers advice for students and job seekers.

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