Marketing News: February 2014

 Online data collection and predictive analytics are research and  targeting art forms, but they should be practiced out in the  open, and all parties should be fully aware of both their potential  benefits and their societal implications, argues Joseph Turow,  author of The Daily You.

amped up 

Amped Up

Gibson, the 120-year-old company that’s synonymous with Les Paul guitars and the rock gods who play them, is positioning itself as a millennial-friendly lifestyle brand by educating young music fans, building relationships with up-and-coming artists, and enlivening its brand story online.​

data rocks 

Data Rocks

Hilary Mason may be a self-professed nerd, but her talent for creative, data-led problem solving is an in-demand skill set in the burgeoning field of data science. And thanks to the market’s ever-growing appetite for meaningful insights, Mason and her generation of code-loving technologists are making data cool—one algorithm at a time. 



Dissecting DMPs

Here’s how to select and activate a data management platform to help improve your targeting efforts.



Tapping Tablet Users

Tablet ownership is set to skyrocket. Here’s who’s using the technology and how they’re using it.

social media 


Coffee Talk

Dunkin’ Donuts runs a centrally managed social media program to help both the global brand and local franchises foster customer connections.

customer engagement 


Technology Personified

In Spike Jonze’s highly acclaimed movie Her, the protagonist, Theodore, falls in love with Samantha, the voice of the artificial intelligence behind his newly acquired operating system. This movie is very much about the personalization trend, and personalization, of course, is at the heart of customer relationship management and is a trigger of customer engagement.

meaningless measures 


Meaningless Measures

There is little question that marketing and marketing communication continue to change, and customers seem to be adapting and responding to those changes much better than marketers. 



Better, Cheaper and More Fun: A Winning Business Formula

Throw away your books on marketing theory and forget all of the complicated lessons you’ve learned about business strategy. The keys to attracting an audience to your business, old or new, are to make your offerings better, cheaper and more fun than the competitors’.




Feeling the Brand Love

In the December 2013 issue of Marketing News, John Dawes authored a thought-provoking article titled, “Can Consumers Really Have Love Relationships With Brands? (I Think Not).” I’d like to offer a respectful counterpoint. Consumers do have love relationships with brands, and this is not a rare or isolated phenomenon. 



Salary Negotiations in the New Year

The new year often comes with new career resolutions. Each January, we see an uptick in candidate interest and movement as people begin to reevaluate their goals and explore the market. For those of you considering a career change this year, we’d like to offer some of our insights on negotiating salary and compensation once you’ve received a job offer.



Executive Insights: Tess Nesbitt Calve, Director of Analytics at DataSong

Her job is one part technical and nine parts creative, as she spends the majority of her time considering what behavioral, sociological and geographical variables might play a role in influencing a purchase decision. It’s big-picture thinking, with a healthy dose of biostatistics-inspired modeling thrown in.

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