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The April 2018 issue of Marketing News is now available.

Social media defines much of marketing, no longer standing as a dedicated channel or specialty woven into the fabric of every savvy marketer’s plan. Social platforms are important for tracking every part of the customer journey, gathering vital data and insights. 

The term “walled garden”—a digital environment that controls access to data—strikes fear in advertisers’ hearts. Media giants like Facebook and Google don’t allow third-party ad tech companies to operate on their networks, limiting advertisers’ access to consumer data and raising questions of objectivity. Marketers must get crafty. Smart marketers are looking to lesser-known but equally valuable walled gardens: virtual support communities. On VSCs, consumers share intimate details of their lives they would never offer on a product review or feedback form. As staff writer Sarah Steimer explores, health and wellness marketers are on the cutting edge of tapping this wellspring of consumer information. 

Marketers have always known that they need to look in unexpected places for consumer insights. We all know that people won’t go out of their way to give feedback or data—you must look for them, deftly and, above all, ethically. 

What is social media doing for your brand?​

Molly Soat
Editor in Chief

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