September 2014 Marketing News



    • The Beautiful Game

      The Beautiful Game

      Soccer might be a niche sport in the U.S., but it's a powerful niche, experts say, with the potentional to link brands to desirable customer segments domestically and abroad.

    • What it Means to be Human

      What it Means to be Human

      ReD Associates' Christian Madsbjerg discusses how his firm applies philosophy and cultural theory to 'infuse humanity' into businesses and brands.

    • Customer Cartography


      Customer Cartography

      The customer journey now is anything but linear. Here's how to map that journey to ensure that you engage customers at the right points in the purchase decision process.

    • Fully Engaged


      Fully Engaged

      Fifth Third Bancorp launched a cause marketing campaign to help unemployed customers find work—and to bolster the bank's brand perception in the process.

    • Senior Moment


      Senior Moment

      Consumers age 50 and over are redefining the golden age. Here's a closer look at the demographic and how to earn their loyalty.

    • Data-Driven Delight


      Data-Driven Delight

      The next step in data-driven marketing will be to create moments of shopper 'serendipity,' experts say.

    • The Waning Hold of Consumer Control


      The Waning Hold of Consumer Control

      Columnist J. Walker Smith discusses the move away from screen-based active consumer engagement to sensor-based passive digital engagement.

    • Growing Beyond the Phone Tree


      Growing Beyond the Phone Tree

      Today, improving customer service requires a heavy focus on social media, says columnist Jeffrey Hayzlett.

    • Rethinking Sports Sponsor Misidentifications


      Rethinking Sports Sponsor Misidentifications

      The misidentification of corporate sponsors at major sporting events may actually benefit the true sponsor, according to guest columnist T. Bettina Cornwell.

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