Marketing News: June 2014



    • The 2014 AMA Gold Top 50 Report

      The 2014 AMA Gold Top 50 Report

      The U.S. market research industry’s growth accelerated in 2013, but the underlying factors indicate that the growth was uneven. Read on to see how the industry fared and which firms contributed the most to its success.

    • C’est la Vie

      C’est la Vie

      When it comes to researching customer behavior, there’s no better method than direct observation. Experts from the Paris office of global branding firm Landor Associates discuss their latest ethnographic effort.

    • Surveys Made Simple


      Surveys Made Simple

      Leave in-depth market research to the pros, but get quick customer feedback via DIY surveys. Here's how.​

    • The Fast Track to Loyalty


      The Fast Track to Loyalty

      NASCAR offers marketers an impassioned fan base that leads the sports industry in brand loyalty.

    • Fear Factor


      Fear Factor

      ​Scary situations can result in greater brand attachment, research shows.

    • Pricing and Brand Strategy


      Pricing and Brand Strategy

      Pricing is the marketing lever with the most immediate and direct business impact, writes columnist Gordon Wyner.

    • Closer to the Action


      Closer to the Action

      Thanks to digital technologies, marketing research now is closer to the action than ever before.

    • Variables and Varietals


      Variables and Varietals

      In his column about pricing strategy, Gordon Wyner discusses the immediate and direct business impact that pricing has on revenue and all elements of brand strategy.

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