Business Growth and Content Marketing Biggest 'Pain Points' in 2016, AMA Study Shows

Melody Udell
Marketing News
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What? Marketers today have an ever-evolving list of issues keeping them up at night.

​So what? Marketing News polled nearly 500 practitioners to get a sense of the oncoming issues, and opportunities, in the year ahead.

Now what? In the year ahead, marketers should focus on organizational readiness for innovation and on processes for generating consumer insights.

There’s no dearth of marketing chatter these days about the latest industry pain points, running the gamut from metrics to customer experience to business growth. When identified, however, pain points can lead to opportunities, and the chance to innovate in an ever-evolving field. To get a sense of what oncoming issues are keeping marketers’ up at night—either with worry or excitement—Marketing News fielded a survey in October 2015 to get a glimpse of marketers’ anticipated challenges, opportunities for growth and hot-button topics in the year ahead. ​​​​

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Melody Udell
Melody Udell is the editor of Marketing News. She can be reached at

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