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Lorenzo Biscontin
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Key Takeaways
  • Italian winery Bosco Viticultori worked with research firm Squadrati to analyze consumers'​​ wine-buying and consumption behaviors.

  • The team organized their findings using a semiotic square structure, which helped researchers divide their findings into four profiles.

  • The winery presented its findings at the international wine competition Vinitaly, which helped raise the company's social media activity. 

In April 2013, my company, Salgareda, Italy-based winery Bosco Viticultori, presented its “Semiotic Square of Italian Wine Lovers” at Vinitaly, an international wine competition and exhibition held annually in Verona, Italy. The semiotic square was developed for us by Milan, Italy-based research firm Squadrati as part of our effort to detect Italian consumers’ motivation when choosing a wine and their rituals in its consumption.

Bosco Viticultori had two goals for this research project: Obtain insights on Italian wine consumers’ attitudes and behaviors to guide its business strategies, and develop a content marketing campaign to support its positioning as an industry reference for Italian vintners and wineries, current and prospective business clients, and end users. 

Insights were gathered through the analysis of online conversations about wine from September 2012 to February 2013, working on a database of 16,000 sources (i.e., Web pages). Then in-depth analysis was conducted by the Squadrati research team, including the collection of additional insights from articles and conversations on the top 10 Italian wine blogs and top four online forums. 

All of the data collected were then analyzed using the semiotic approach in order to detect the repetition of characters, subjects, tone of voice, stories and values. The resulting information was organized using the semiotic square logic structure, superimposed on a classic marketing positioning matrix. Italian wine consumers were divided into four profiles:

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Author Bio:
Lorenzo Biscontin
Lorenzo Biscontin is general manager of Bosco Viticultori, a winery based in Salgareda, Treviso, Italy. Most recently, he served as CMO of Santa Margherita Wine Group Ltd. in Fossalta di Portogruaro, Italy. He can be reached at

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