Twitter's New Ad Format Zeroes in on Brand Engagement

Eden Ames
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What? Twitter is rolling out a new engagement tool known as “conversational ads.”

So what? Conversational ads allow marketers to engage and measure audience responses through customizable polls and calls to action.

Now what? Marketers using social media to identify additional avenues of engagement can use Twitter’s conversational ads as a creative way to issue calls to action. With beta-testing underway, marketers can observe the effectiveness of conversational ads determine whether or not the tool is a  worthwhile investment for future campaigns.

Twitter is introducing a new tool called “Conversational ads” designed for marketers to increase engagement, according to VentureBeat. This new format of advertising allows companies to engage with consumers via Tweeted polls and calls to action. One company, The Barista Bar, asks users to choose their preferred coffee blend in a conversational ad. When users respond by clicking on either #HouseBlend or #DarkRoast, the choice prompts brand-customized messages, videos and images.  

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Conversational ads also offer the benefit of easy measurement. Twitter’s Brand Hub allows U.S. advertisers to “…track the impact that conversational ads have on their TrueVoice…” according to the Twitter Advertising Blog. Further, its question-based structure allows marketers to survey consumer preferences while engaging them with a fun, conversation-starting vote.

VentureBeat reports that Samsung and Lifetime are among the select advertisers beta-testing the new ad format.


Read the original story on VentureBeat.

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