The AMA's Top 10 Marketing Stories of 2015

Lauren Watters
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A look at what AMA content you liked best in 2015. 

Throughout 2015, we covered the latest news impacting the marketing industry. We kicked off the year with developments on how superfoods like chia become a consumer food trend, and how companies like Ford Motor Co. begin the branding process long before drivers get behind the wheel. We ended the year by exploring how universities are taking action to market their computer enginnering programs to women and discussed your biggest industry challenges for the year ahead in the AMA 2016 Marketing Pain Points Survey. Here are our 10 most popular stories from 2015: 

1. Redesigning the Emotions Behind Facebook’s ‘Like’

So What? Facebook is testing an evolution of the “like button,” one of the most iconic tools in social media. Now, with the same button, users will be able to associate six feelings, including love, anger and sadness.


2. The 2015 AMA Gold Top 50 Report

So What? New players have entered the research industry, although the top 10 continue to dominate. Here's how the industry has fared in 2014, and what research services are in high demand. 

3. How Marijuana Marketers Are Busting Stoner Stereotypes

So What? As marijuana legalization spreads, marketing agencies are sprouting up to help shift consumer perception away from long-held marijuana stereotypes.


4. Six SEO Rules for 2016

So What? To leverage content investments, marketers will have to put time and effort into learning the new rules for SEO.

5.  Coca-Cola Ad Gets PSA Makeover

So What? The Center for Science in the Public Interest's shocking anti-soda PSA raises questions about whether such efforts can turn the tide on consumer behavior. 

6.  Digital Disruption and the Death of Storytelling 

So What? Professor and media theorist Douglas Rushkoff contends that social media, Big Data and digital technology, in general, are hampering rather than helping marketers’ abilities to connect with consumers.

7. Building A Blueprint 

So What? Developing a marketing plan is Marketing 101 fodder, but the rules have changed in the digital era. Here’s how to build a successful marketing plan today. 

8. MTV Chooses New Name for Post-Millennial Generation 

So What? MTV and Red Peak Youth surveyed post-millennials to pick a new name for the generation: the founders.


9. 10 Tips for Innovative Marketing from Guy Kawasaki (Video) 

So What? Apple evangelist Guy Kawasaki shares his top tips on the art of innovation. 

10. Business Growth and Content Marketing Biggest 'Pain Points' in 2016, AMA Study Shows 

So What? Marketing News polled nearly 500 practitioners to get a sense of the oncoming issues, and opportunities, in the year ahead. Here are the full findings, plus expert commentary from industry leaders.

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