The Future of Insights: Will Clients and Suppliers Meet in the Middle?

David Krajicek
Marketing News
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​What? The future of consumer insights is today.

So what? The proliferation of Big Data is the currency of change that will continue to transform the practice of market research.

Now what? Traditional survey-based research will remain a tool in the marketing arsenal, but it will be one of many insights-gleaning tools, writes columnist David Krajicek. 

​Let’s not fool ourselves: The future of the insights industry is today. The advent of the “always-on” lifestyle, fueled by technology, has allowed consumers to take part in any number of real-time activities from powerful personal devices: sharing an activity or an opinion with a friend (or a brand), shopping for new shoes, or watching a favorite YouTube channel. This reality will continue to not just transform our lifestyles and our economy; it will fundamentally change market research as well.  ​​​​​​​

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Author Bio:
David Krajicek
David Krajicek is CCO of GfK Consumer Experiences and a member of GfK’s board of directors. He can be reached at

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