The 2015 AMA Gold Global Top 50 Report

Diane Bowers and Michael Brereton
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Key Takeaways
  • In this 20th year of the AMA Gold Global Top 25 Report, CASRO has produced a rankings chart and analysis that are more expansive and inclusive, representing more companies and extending the range of total worldwide research revenue. 
  • The total revenue represented by the Global Top 50 companies is $23,846.4 million, a growth rate of 10.6%—significantly higher than last year. 
  • Many of the companies in the Global Top 50 primarily focus their business within their home countries. ​

​​​This year, the AMA Gold Report’s global ranking and analysis reach farther to more broadly and accurately depict the range of major players on the global marketing res​earch stage—and to demonstrate just how quickly smaller firms are gaining ground the world over. Read on to see which countries now are represented on this list, and how many firms are finding success via local domination.

As we continue Jack Honomichl’s and Larry Gold’s work of analyzing and writing about the research industry, the AMA and CASRO believe that the AMA Gold Reports need to continue to evolve to accurately reflect the changing research industry landscape—in terms of both the kinds of research and information or data intelligence services included in the analysis, and, in this present case, developing and delivering a more complete picture of the global research industry.

This was an ambitious plan to attempt on short notice, but we enlisted the support of the Global Research Business Network (GRBN) to help us reach out to companies around the world. The GRBN includes the national research associations in 38 countries and the 3,500 research businesses that are members of these associations. Through the GRBN’s national associations, CASRO was able to reach out to other large research businesses. While we know that we must expand the outreach in the coming years, this first launch has increased global participation in this report and has broadened our view of the global research industry.

In this 20th year of the AMA Gold Global Top 25 Report, CASRO has produced a rankings chart and analysis that are more expansive and inclusive, representing more companies and extending the range of total worldwide research revenue. We are pleased to present the first AMA Gold Global Top 50 Report.

Composition ​of the Top 50

The 2015 AMA Gold Global Top 50 Report includes all of the companies that were listed in the 2014 AMA Gold Global Top 25, with the exception of Symphony Health Solutions (No. 16 on last year’s list), which did not respond to the invitation by deadline, and Harris Interactive (No. 21 last year), which was acquired by Nielsen in 2014. The remaining 23 companies from last year’s Global Top 25 are still in the top half of this year’s list, but they are joined by two new companies: Wood Mackenzie from the United Kingdom at No. 10 on the list, and BVA from France at No. 22.  

Wood Mackenzie, headquartered in Edinburgh, is a global research and commercial intelligence company specializing in the mining, energy and metals industries. Named for its founders Michel Brulé and Jean-Pierre Ville, BVA conducts market research for all business and industry sectors, and is located in Boulogne-Billancourt outside of Paris.​​​​​​​​​

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Author Bio:

Diane Bowers and Michael Brereton
Diane Bowers is president of CASRO, the trade association of market, social and opinion research organizations that represents and advocates for the U.S. research industry nationally and globally. Bowers currently is on the board of directors of The Roper Center for Public Opinion Research at the University of Connecticut; a past president of the Market Research Council and the Research Industry Coalition; and a long-time member of AAPOR, the AMA and ESOMAR. She is a founder and CASRO leader of the Americas Research Industry Alliance and the Global Research Business Network, which represents 38 national research associations around the world.

Michael Brereton currently is a board member of CASRO and an adjunct professor at Michigan State University’s Eli Broad Graduate School of Management. In 2014, Brereton retired from the role of president and CEO of Maritz Research, a position that he served in since 2003. Brereton’s industry leadership roles have included CASRO board chair, founding chair for the CASRO Institute for Research Quality, advisory board chair for Michigan State University’s master of science in marketing research program, and advisory board member for Southern Illinois University’s master of marketing research program.

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