A Look at the Online Lead Generation Ecosystem by Straight North (Infographic)

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American Marketing Association
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What? Conceptualizing the ecosystem of online marketing lead generation in a single infographic. 

So what? The infographic illustrates how each component in lead generation relates to each other and to the goal. 

Now what? Marketers may have difficulty identifying gaps in their lead generation campaigns which can reduce effectiveness. In fact, lead generation is made up of a network of efforts, all of which are crucial to the goal of attracting new customers.

A new infographic from Straight North provides marketers with a comprehensive look at the interconnected ecosystem of lead generation in the context of online marketing.

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The graphic categorizes and connects domains to each other and ultimately to the customer, providing marketers with a useful resource by which they can improve strategies and understand the components at play in lead generation campaigns. Here’s a look at the illustration from Straight North below:

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December 5, 2016

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