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​​A peek inside the marketers' offices that make us drool.

BGB Group, a medical communications agency, worked with TPG Architecture to bring its New York City office to life with bright colors, themed conference rooms and amenities that its youthful workforce would appreciate. The designers were asked to create an environment that was vibrant, bright and unusual to delight the staff and pique the interest of potential new hires and clients. Spread across two floors are two kitchens, three phone rooms, a flex conference room, three medium-size conference rooms that double as billiards rooms and seven small conference rooms, each named after and designed with a local street in mind—Prince, Greene, Grand, Spring, Broome, Orchard and Bond. The reception area welcomes guests with a deep red divider and seating area that intersects a long wooden reception desk, which becomes a DJ’s turntable and bar with beer taps on the far side of the divider—must-haves for any millennial-centric office.

An adjacent lounge riffs on living room motifs with a flat-screen TV, fireplace, plaster-cast animal heads mounted on the wall, mid-century furniture and a kitschy, life-size ceramic zebra. TPG created a personality in each conference room. Accordingly, Spring Street’s walls are covered in an oversized photo print of a vibrant spring landscape, Orchard Street’s walls are decorated in Flavorpaper bright-yellow banana wallpaper, and Greene Street’s feature wall is a mosaic of wooden squares cut from skateboards.

Two surprising historic features of the sixth floor were discovered during demolition: an old steel fire door stamped with “Underwriters Laboratories” and graffiti on one of the original brick walls, dating to 1942.

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